Beenjeans iPad Cover

Hand Crafted in New Zealand
Beenjeans is owned and founded by a group of five students. The business was founded early in 2013 and has grown at an outstanding rate.

In this new age, more and more people are buying laptops and tablets but have been faced with the burden of using a very plain and unexciting sleeve, which may offer the functionality that they want, but does not keep in mind aesthetics and design.

Every sleeve we create is unique – no two jeans are the same. We offer inner linings with different patterns and designs to suit people with all different tastes. Our sleeves are not just stylish; they also protect your devices. All sleeves are lined with 3mm EVA absorption foam to protect its contents. We hand craft sleeves for all general sized apple laptops, as well as for iPad and iPad mini, right here in New Zealand.

Our sleeves are all quality checked by individual machinists, before leaving the factory to ensure sewing is maintained to a high quality standard. We have chosen not to out-source the production of our sleeves, as we believe in supporting the manufacturing industry in New Zealand.