Oak Corner Cupboard: Carved Green Man Detail

This oak cupboard which was designed to be hung in a corner has recently been given new shelves, a new back, stained & given an overall freshening. Brass knob handle.  

Possibly an example of "Green Man" carving on the door.  The detail of this carving depicts a man with one large bell and some other smaller bells hanging from his mouth.  His hair has been stylised and sweeps upwards from his head.

The Green Man was commonly used as a decorative architectural element - the motif comes in many forms and is found in many cultures from various ages around the world.


93 cm H

42.5 x 42. 5 cm W

Cupboard face  - 45 .5 cm W

Angled short sides 90 cm W

Was $795.00 NOW $650.00