Voodoo Molly Basecoat

Vintage Basecoat makes bright colours appear brighter and increases overall coverage. It is recommended for use under bright coloured paint such as red, orange, yellow, lime and deep blue. Bright coloured paints are notorious for being difficult to use. They are tinted from a white-free, neutral base making them semi-transparent in nature. This composition requires multiple coats before an adequate finish can be achieved. HOWEVER, by starting with a flat grey foundation you will achieve a greater vibrancy in a lot less coats! 


Vintage Basecoat in Neutral Grey has a self-priming formula that sticks to existing paint and varnish with no stripping undercoat required. Once it has been applied evenly, Vintage Paint can be painted directly over the top with no further preparation required. 


Size: 250ml 

Other sizes available by order